BMW Transmission Problems

This is a list of various BMW owners that have been affected by the "Stick rests at 5th when cold" manual transmission problem that has been discussed at length on here:

The transmission that seems to be affected by this disease the most (or, maybe it's isolated to this one only?) is the S5D-320Z transmission.  According to a BMW parts CD this transmission is used in many different BMW vehicles including (but not limited to):
E36 M3 (10/97 and up) - 23 00 1 434 408
E36 328i (6/96 and up) - 23 00 1 434 408
E39 528i (6/96 and up) - 23 00 1 434 408
E39 530i - 23 00 7 502 749
E46 328Ci and 328i - 23 00 1 434 408
E46 330Ci and 330i - 23 00 7 502 749
Z3 2.8 - 23 00 1 434 408
Z3 3.0i - 23 00 7 502 749
Z3 M3.2-S50 - 23 00 1 434 408
Z3 M3.2-S52 - 23 00 1 434 408
Z3 M3.2-S54 - 23 00 7 502 749

I'm no longer adding people to this list, but will leave the list hosted here for anyone to use to possibly help get their transmission fixed in a warranty situation.

Last Updated: 10/12/2005
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Location Model Production
Shifter(s) Used Fluid(s) Used Mileage when
Additional Comments
Paul Elliot
("paul e")
White Plains, NY 1999 M3 4/99 Ron Stygar
(uses MZ3 parts)
BMW 35,000 when sticky
45,000 when gate disappeared completely
tranny replaced under warranty
Chris Simotas
("///M3ryder NY")
New Rochelle, NY 1998 M3 5/98 Rogue Engineering
n/a 32,500
Julian Gent
Atkinson, NH 1998 M3 11/97 UUC n/a 48,000
Adam Nitti
Atlanta, GA 1998 M3 11/97 OEM n/a 85,000
"JasonJ75" Ashburn, VA 1998 M3 n/a UUC Redline n/a
Philip Barger
Marion, IL 1999 M3 4/99 OEM BMW 35,000 tranny replaced under warranty
"neenja" MD 1998 M3 n/a n/a n/a 63,000
Kevin Billings
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 1998 M3 n/a Active Autowerke n/a n/a
Bill Kunz
("TiAg ///M3/4")
Santa Cruz, CA 1998 M3 3/98 OEM and UUC OEM, Mobil 1 ATF, Redline D4 ATF Since purchase at approximately 41,000 UUC shifter installed and Mobil 1 ATF first used at roughly 55,000 with no change
Jim Hagerman
("///M3 2 NV")
Austin, TX 1999 M3 4/99 UUC n/a 60,000
Butch Berney
Pleasanton, CA 1994 325is n/a OEM Redline at 50K 96,000
"TedK" DC Metro, MD 1998 M3 n/a OEM Mobil 1 ATF n/a
"Hellrot Sachin" TX 1999 M3 n/a n/a n/a n/a
"Gatorbait" Amelia Island, FL 1998 M3 n/a n/a n/a n/a tranny replaced under warranty
"///M3Matt" Cherry Hill, NJ 1994 325is n/a n/a n/a n/a
Matt Margolis
Wallingford, CT 1998 M3 2/98 OEM BMW 60,000
Joe Corvaia
Charleston, NC 1998 M3 9/97 OEM Redline 73,000 Problems regardless if cold, etc.
Eugene Kovelman
("///M3 NA")
Santa Monica, CA 1998 M3 n/a Rogue Engineering Redline ATF 50,000
Josh Turner
"Metro DC" 1998 M3 n/a OEM BMW 56,000
Mike Cornwell
San Diego, CA 1998 M3 4/98 OEM BMW 54,000 Tranny was replaced out of warranty by the dealer
John Doby
Baltimore, MD 1998 M3 n/a OEM BMW 65,000
Mike Tse
MA 1995 M3 n/a n/a n/a 64,000
Keith Cornwell
Atlanta, GA 1998 M3 9/97 Rogue Engineering Redline at 45,000 56,5000
Jim Bassett Pleasant Hill, CA 1998 M3 4/98 UUC and Rogue Red Line D4 ATF
(changed every 30K)
n/a Roundel fix cured the problem
"ebm34" Toronto 1998 M3 n/a OEM n/a n/a
"CKim" Mountain View, CA 1999 M3 n/a UUC n/a n/a
Mike Chiang
Tallahassee, FL 1995 M3 9/95 OEM Redline D4 ATF 30,000 tranny replaced under warranty
Mike Chiang
Tallahassee, FL 1998 M3 4/98 OEM BMW 50,000
Jeff Lee
Bethesda, MD 1998 M3 n/a UUC n/a 64,000
"M3Buff" Raleigh, NC 1999 M3 n/a n/a n/a 49,000
Doug Wirth Folsom, CA 1999 M3 n/a OEM BMW 51,000
Ron Snaider
Long Island, NY 1998 M3 11/97 OEM Original Lifetime Fluid 37,000
Jeff Holtby Geneva, NY 1998 M3 4/98 OEM Valvoline MaxxLife 41,000
Jeromy Smith
Huntsville, AL 1999 M3 9/99 OEM BMW 64,000
Curt Anderson
Huntington Beach, CA 1999 M3 3/99 OEM BMW 35,000
Mitch Farner
South Bend, IN 1999 M3 n/a OEM BMW 49,500 tranny replaced under warranty
Russell K Lee Jr
Lexington Park, MD 1998 M3 n/a UUC BMW 52,000
Ricky Nardis
("RickyN F355")
Westchester, NY 1998 M3 3/98 OEM BMW 50,000
David Nylander Houston, TX 1998 M3 n/a OEM BMW 103,000
Andrew Kwan
Kansas City 1998 M3 03/98 OEM BMW 53,000
"hal9000" Florida 1998 M3 12/97 OEM BMW 48,000
Lars K. Staack
Leavenworth, KS 1998 M3 11/97 UUC Redline DA4 ATF 74,000 Recently changed Tranny oil and added SSK with new shift rod join in attempt to fix problem (prior to reading BF thread). No change.
David Levy Wichita, KS 1999 328i n/a OEM BMW 65,000
Daniel Kippen
("DSK M3/4")
Irvine, CA 1998 M3 10/97 OEM BMW 59,000
Jacob Fannon
Atlanta, GA 1998 M3 3/98 OEM BMW 63,000
Juan Sanchez
Silver Spring, MD 1999 M3 2/99 OEM BMW 45,000 I never felt the problem until this winter. This was the first winter after I had the UUC TMEs installed.
Matt Condon
Phoenix, AZ 1995 325i 5/95 OEM BMW and Redline 70,000
Andy R.
San Francisco, CA 1998 M3 11/97 Ron Stygar OEM, Redline D4ATF, and Mobil 1 ATF 65,000
Nelson Ho
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1998 M3 n/a OEM Mobil 1 ATF 46,000
Dave Michael Boston, MA 1998 M3/4 n/a OEM BMW 63,000 much worse when very cold (below 5C). Gets better as transmission warms up
Michael Maigret
Santa Clara, CA 1998 M3 3/98 OEM, Rogue Octane SSK BMW, Redline 40,000 (OEM fluid and linkage) Changed fluid to redline @50k - no difference, Only happens when 5th gear is engaged while engine is cold.
Bob Cooper
Plymouth, MN 1996 M3 4/96 UUC n/a 45,000 (sticky), 51,000 (no gate)
Brent Weston
Greensboro, NC 1998 M3 2/98 OEM BMW Lifetime - never changed 55,000 Tranny replaced under CPO
Larry Blunk, II
Springfield, MO 1999 M3 3/99 UUC BMW 30,000
John Morris

1999 M3 4/99 OEM BMW 44,000 replaced at 47,000 under warranty
Joshua W. Leopold Los Angeles, CA 1998 M3 3/98 UUC BMW 55,000 noticed the problem about 1,000 miles after installation of the UUC SSK, TMs and TMEs
Andre n/a 1997 M3
n/a n/a n/a 50,000
Walter Jordan
("sped here")
Bethlehem, PA 1998 M3 2/98 OEM BMW 50,240 Replaced under BMW CPO warranty
Jeff Kuei
n/a 1998 M3 1/98 OEM BMW 40,000
Thomas Hiromoto Orlando, FL 1997 M3 n/a M Roadster BMW 80,000 Replaced under CPO warranty at 85,000
Ryan Fatula
Orlando, FL 1998 M3 11/97 Active Autowerke BMW 47,000
Josh Hayden
New Orleans, LA 1996 328i n/a UUC SSK RedLine ATF 100,000 Planning on trying the Roundel fix
Timothy Nguyen San Diego, CA 1999 M3 03/99 OEM BMW 55,000
Andres Sanchez
Miami, FL 1999 M3 10/98 OEM BMW 52000 sticky, 55300 gate
Chris Konn Austin, TX 1998 M3 n/a UUC n/a 57,000
Christopher San Luis Obispo, CA 1999 M3 10/98 OEM BMW 48,000
Michael Gruby Chicago, IL 1999 M3 02/99 OEM BMW 78,000
Cody McDaniel n/a 1999 M3 03/99 OEM BMW 48,000 complete gearbox replaced under warranty (Autobahn BMW in Ft. Worth, TX)
Cody McDaniel n/a 2002 330i 05/02 OEM BMW 20,000
Bernie Heitz Atlanta, GA 1999 323i 12/98 OEM BMW 38,000 2 month out of warranty
Tom Wierzchon
("Motown M3")
Royal Oak, MI 1997 M3-4 10/1997 OEM BMW 89,000
"blackscooby" Cheshire UK 1998 328i n/a n/a n/a 65,000
Nick Mascio n/a 2002 330CI n/a OEM Redline D4AFT 43,000
Travis Bryson Knoxville, TN 2000 328ci n/a OEM BMW 55,000 Replacing under CPR warranty
Grant Hollis
Cincinnati, OH 1999 M3 11/98 OEM BMW 65,000 replaced under CPO warranty
Brian Gray
Austin, TX 2000 M Coupe 11/99 OEM BMW 26,000
Brian Schroeder Gastonia, NC 1998 M3 4/98 OEM D4-ATF 68,000
Michael Lieberman
Tulsa, OK 1998 M3 n/a OEM BMW 53,000
Dale Son
Ventura, CA 1998 M3 10/98 OEM BMW 69,000
Jon Phillips
San Francisco, CA 1997 M3 n/a UUC Redline ATF 96,000 The problem started occurring about 35,000 miles into the life of a remanufactured transmission that was installed under CPO warranty. The original tranny, which was replaced after 60,000 miles for an unrelated problem, never experienced the "stick resting in 5th" problem.
Jim Karavias San Francisco, CA 1999 328i n/a OEM BMW 55,000
Caesar Luna Hacienda heights, CA 1998 M3 11/97 OEM BMW 70,000 The dealer said it was a wear and tear item. My car was still on warranty and the dealer did not want to change.
Mike Russo Charlotte, NC 1998 328i 4/98 OEM BMW 50,000 tranny replaced under warranty
Fazal S. Hussain
n/a 1998 M3 3/98 UUC EVO3 Redline 74,000 Changed fluid before changing shifter to no avail. Problem occurred before EVO3 installation.
NOTE: By printing off this list of affected owners, and the many pages of the bimmerforums thread and contacting BMWUSA, the dealer is replacing Fazal's transmission for the $50 deductible (and giving him a loaner car)! YMMV
Kyle Yum Irvine, CA 1999 328i 07/98 BMW OEM 60,000 Service advisor at BMW dealer stated that the transmission needed to be replaced (at customer expense)
Yuri Klepach
Trenton, NJ 1998 M3 N/A OEM BMW 59,000
Geordie Johnston
Athens, GA 1998 M3 7/98 UUC SSK Redline 70,000 fighting aftermarket warranty for replacement
Mike Ruble Tampa, FL 1999 M3 2/99 OEM BMW 40,500 Tranny replaced under CPO by dealer
John Miller
Sonoma County, CA 1999 M3 N/A OEM BMW 54,550
Thomas Jun N/A 1999 M3 6/99 OEM Redline D4 ATF 59,000 Transmission replaced under CPO warranty
George Vincent Sarasota, FL 1998 M3 2/98 OEM BMW 70,000
Arthur Arakelian
Los Angeles, CA 1999 M3 12/98 OEM BMW 39,000 problem fixed here
Richard Vijeh Sunnyvale, CA 1995 M3 10/95 OEM Redline 65,000
Shannon Belletti
Austin, TX 1996 328IS 11/95 UUC Redline 149,000 Sticking when cold, works fine when warm
Brad Anders Phoenix, AZ 1998 M3 N/A OEM BMW 31,000 and 55,000 First tranny replaced with remanufactured tranny by dealer under warranty for sticky 5th at 31510 miles on 10/22/2001. Remanufactured tranny started sticking at 55438 miles on 11/9/2004.
Anthony Marvin
Tallahassee, FL 1999 M3 N/A OEM BMW 78,000 dealer replacing tranny. No problems with dealer, look at it and immediately ordered new tranny.
Nick Fizette
Los Angeles, CA 1998 M3 11/97 Stygar SSK Redline 52,000 Reverse also trouble to engage. Fine when up to temp.
Neil Halin
Boston, MA 1998 M3 N/A Rogue Redline 51,000
Alan Gibbemeyer Reston, VA 2000 328i 6/99 OEM BMW and Redline 51,000 Redline D4 does show good improvement but did not fix the problem. Dealer changed back to BMW fluid (which I paid for) and problem is worse again. I'm looking forward to the $4 bushing fix when mine gets bad enough. I already have a good independent mechanic.
Mike Ikonomou Commack, NY 1998 528i N/A OEM BMW 85,000
Felix Klauser UK 1999 328i N/A OEM Redline D4ATF 75,000
"snaker4" Springfield, MS 1999 M3 06/99 OEM BMW, Redline 35,000
Hsi Lin Santa Barbara, CA 1998 M3 3/98 UUC Redline ATF D4 45,000 Tranny was replaced under a service contract warranty at 49,000
Tim Kemp Seattle, WA 1999 328i N/A OEM BMW 90,000
Tim Gerrity Overland Park, KS 1998 M3 04/98 OEM BMW 58,400